BMW E36 convertible rear screen (1992 - 2000)

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BMW E36 convertible rear window TRANSPARENT GREEN, CLEAR or BLACK SMOKED

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Choose the TINT above then the MODEL of your BMW e36 cabriolet rear window either Wopavin ou Rhenoglas

Adaptable rear window for BMW E36 convertible (1992 to 2000), made from high quality polished pressed sheets specifically for automotive. Mounting zipper, the zipper is sewn on the new window and is ready to be mounted on the top of your zipper with the slider provided, the outer and finishing seal is sewn on the new window. Transparency is perfect without disturbance including vision angle, anti-UV treatment. High resistance to cold and heat, perfect fit, no fold nor crease. Plastic meets the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

  • Thickness: 1 mm, 10/10 (the same as original model)
  • Resistance: UV Proof - Temperatures -20°C to +60°C
  • Tint: Choose between TRANSPARENT GREEN (original color on BMW E36 convertible), CLEAR or BLACK SMOKED
  • Package contents: A specific size rear PVC window, a clasp (slider zipper), the outer and finishing seal is sewn on the new window
  • Download assembly instructions in PDF


PLEASE NOTE: To order the correct model, look at the bottom left of your old window, brand is engraved in the plastic, there are two brands: WOPAVIN and RHENOGLAS (see photo below). If you have no registration, measure the total height of the screen (total span), you get 45 cm for the RHENOGLAS or 45.5 cm for the WOPAVIN. If you no longer have your screen on soft top, do the same measurement between the 2 zippers (between the top and bottom) or choose the WOPAVIN model which is compatible with both models.

BMW E36 - Wopavin - Rhenoglas

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